Monday 14th November 2016 is not only a #fullmoon but a supermoon, and it’s got us human beings pretty churned up. Now, I remember a time when I used to hear things like this and roll my eyes thinking – huh! What codswallop! (translates to ‘what nonsense!’).

So allow me just 5 minutes of your time and all I ask is for you to really listen with an #openmind, after all, what do you have to lose? Nothing right, but just think you may gain something, and wouldn’t that be wonderful 🙂

Technically Supermoons are larger than normal because the moon is closer to the earth. Why is this one special? Well first of all the Supermoon looks spectacular – if you don’t believe me have a look on Monday night – see for yourself.

The Supermoon on Monday 14th November 2016 will be extra special still though because it will be the closest the moon has come to the earth since 1948. From a #FengShui and environmental energy perspective this is very significant for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you paid attention in science class you’ll remember the Moon helps create gravity on the Earth. The Earth’s gravity affects the way everything on our #glorious##planet lives and moves – including you. The moon particularly affects water because water is flowing, and gravity powers that movement further. So if you are feeling additionally emotional or it feels like there’s an awful lot going on which is #overwhelming. Stop. Consider the full moon is the largest physical, and #metaphysical influence on people’s emotions and global water movements – is it any wonder it’s affecting you too? After all, you are also made of H2O, or water.

It is likely the energy of the Supermoon will have had your #emotionsamplified, left you #feelingoverwhelmed or just struggling with transformation, having #difficultysleeping or giving you lucid dreams, with a heightened intuition, and finally #moresensitive to all things in nature.

So here are some things to help you not only #easediscomfort, but to actually help you harness the energy of the Supermoon energy so that it does good for you instead.

Moonlight from a full moon generally brings human beings #clarity and energises us. What meditating does is it adjusts your body’s vibration down to an alpha state that is particularly beneficial to you – it will literally bring your spirit, emotional, mental and physical vibrations into alignment in the most beneficial way. This is good is because you can make the #bestdecisions about and for yourself, and you can set the #betterplans for yourself. And finally, a wise person that uses this meditation to #manifest – this basically means you do your meditation and when you can feel your vibration is strong, you direct all your energy to your goals and desires. Call it ‘intention-ing’, call it manifesting, call it whatever you like – there is a reason so many enlightened and #successfulpeople the world over do this practice. It’s because #itworks. 🙂

The Supermoon basically heightens all energy and insight for humans. Therefore this is a great time for you to journal or free write. The energy of the moon brings greater flow to all your emotions, #creativity, clarity and #communication – so why not use it to go deep and uncover your own hidden depths. Free writing is when you write for a long time until you are so busy just writing that you allow your subconscious to begin expressing itself. It’s amazing what uncovers for you if you do this. If it doesn’t work the first time, then don’t give up – try again. It’s a very liberating and freeing exercise for people.

Your bodies vibration will be super-heightened by the Supermoon. This is the perfect time to engage in some #loving. Yes, I said loving! 😉 Whether it be with someone special or indulging in yourself – pay attention to your body and give it some love. There are as many ways to do this as there are people and you know what you would like, so give yourself some care. Take a long soak, massage, make love with someone or with yourself. Your body’s sensations will be and probably already are heightened – so rather than fighting it feel into it and #enjoyyourself. This, by the way, is another very positive way to deal with the overall heightened emotions you are feeling right now. The best kind of #selfcare that we can give ourselves is to be kind to ourselves, feed our bodies well, and STOP putting things that do not serve us into or onto our bodies – this is a great time to #detox.

The energy of the moon will work for you better if you literally go out in the moonlight and allow it to soak into your body. Remember the Moon will be so close to the Earth that it’s energy rays will be able to be felt by the cells in your physical body. In some cultures, it’s called #moonbathing. If you cannot do this then at least #walkbarefoot on the ground, or go for a swim as the earth and water will have absorbed the moons energy.

The moon will also re-charge any healing #crystals you have such as rose quartz. All you have to do is leave them where the moonlight can touch them all night. In the morning they will be fully charged again. This is like filling them up with fresh energy to make them more powerful for you. Once you have done that, you may either wear them on your body or place them under your bed or pillow where they can work on you while you sleep every night thereafter.

When our emotions become amplified, it is very scary for most people. It is natural for most of us to begin to try to resist or hold them in. I invite you to surrender and allow your emotions to flow freely. If you feel like crying then don’t just allow yourself to #cry but instead feel deeper into the #sadness or #grief and allow it to fully release. If you feel #angry, then dive deep and allow yourself to feel the full and unchecked #rage until it dissipates. Whatever it is you feel, do not judge yourself badly for having feelings even if they are strong – instead feel the wonder of being a fully expressed and #glorioushumanbeing. When you have allowed your other feelings to express themselves – feel the #joy of being human.

Finally, this Supermoon, be especially kind to others as they too are as human as you and I. They too are going through the same heightened energetic waves as a result of the Supermoon.

And please #share this on so we can help as many people with the #Supermoon as possible. Sending you love and light. Kurly x