Commercial Real Estate and Development – In the current competitive market Feng Shui can provide the advantage of successful sales versus empty units. Feng Shui can assist developers to target the right market to find their buyers and to make key decisions that lead to happy buyers.  Feng Shui can guide the decisions of the architect and still leave plenty of room for architectural creativity – attracting people to the sales office in a steady flow.

Office or Business Space Feng Shui – Have you ever heard of ‘sick building syndrome’ in offices? Well this is literally the case that a building can make those spending time in it sick. Commercial Feng Shui works on setting up an environment that will keep your staff happy, healthy and increase their productivity, and of course in line with that to grow your customer base, income and reputation.

Home Feng Shui – Your home is the charger that powers up your life – it has the potential to either propel you into success, health and inspirational relationships, or to make you feel that you are stuck, blocked, or working against the current so to speak.  Imagine waking up full of vitality, motivation and inspiration for your life, and going to bed full of satisfaction and love for the day that you have just had. This and more can be easily achieved using Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Guidance for Key Decisions – To guide and reassure you in the decisions and directions that you are taking in life. This is extremely powerful and we have found that professionals return time and time again to inform business strategies, for relationship building, towards financial goals and much more.

Problem Resolution using Feng Shui – To help clients from the problem stage with solutions to successful outcomes across many situations. How does this work? By capturing the true essence of the problem, identifying the blocks that are not obvious, identifying potential strategies and the most likely to achieve a successful outcome, and finally clarifying capabilities and limitations. This service can be applied to business and personal areas.

Date Selection – It is possible to select dates for important events, launches and meetings in a way that facilitates their most successful outcomes. Examples of events that this service is regularly sought include business or product launches, sending out key marketing, significant meetings or negotiations, weddings and other important personal events.

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