Kurly is passionate about helping people and provides a number of varied services. If you are unclear as to which of the services below are best suited for you, don’t worry. Please contact her to ask, as sometimes it is difficult to work out without having detailed Feng Shui knowledge yourself. A conversation will help to establish if one or more of the services below will be best for you.

Kurly considers her clients ‘her flock’ and like a good shepardess does her utmost to look after them very well. Quite often she will send out little ‘Feng Shui Gifts’ to her clients ‘just because’ and once you are a part of her community you will receive these too! 🙂

Energy Chart Readings – energy charts to guide and reassure you in the decisions and directions that you are taking in life. Chart readings are extremely powerful and we have found that professionals find these extremely useful to power up their work strategies, for relationship building, towards financial goals and much more.

Feng Shui Coaching – This is where we use your chart to help you achieve a specific goal. For example, one client had been trying to lose weight for years and we used her chart to work out why all those diets had not worked. We achieved success.

Home Feng Shui – this is very powerful as it will literally power up your life across all areas. If you imagine your house is a fish tank and you are the fish living in it. Just like the fish in a tank are fully affected by the environment of the tank, you are as human beings affected by the environment of your home. So the health, wellbeing, direction, ability, thinking and everything else is affected of a fish in a tank, and so everything is for us in our homes.

Commercial, Office or Business Space Feng Shui – Have you ever heard of ‘sick building syndrome’ in offices? Well this is literally the case that a building can make those spending time in it sick. Commercial Feng Shui works on setting up an environment that will keep your staff happy, healthy and increase their productivity, and of course in line with that grow your customer base, income and reputation.

Exterior Feng Shui – This includes landscaping of gardens, parks and other external spaces. We look to achieve balance, flow and to power up the Feng Shui to grow them for the purpose that you intend. For example a garden for children will need to be safe, stimulating, healing and feed your children’s academic goals and self-esteem.

Date Selection – Energy changes over time and so therefore there are points in time that are better suited for specific purposes than others. For example for a key meeting, wedding, children’s event or business launch. We can select the best time to support any purpose.

Problem Resolution – Kurly has very successfully used charts to help clients through from problem to solution across many situations. This is not the art of prediction – we do not predict. Instead what the charts do is capture what is energetically going on at any given time, capturing the problem, identifying the blocks that one cannot see, finding the potential strategies through to success, and finally letting us know the capabilities and limitations. These charts can be used for any area of life including health, wealth, relationships, business situations, and many others.

Her clients love working with Kurly because as a person she is bubbly, fun, intelligent and caring – and she is looking forward to helping you too, so please don’t hesitate to contact her now.