Blog Page - Blog No 2 - Valentines SMCan Feng Shui Really Create Love?

A growing portion of the population are single and looking for love.  The things that people are willing to try and admit to trying are also growing with this. More and more people are now turning to more holistic options when looking for love and Kurly Marwaha is a Feng Shui expert and master who helps people create the outcomes they desire.

It’s a different approach to the norm, and Kurly has been having some success with helping her clients meet romantic partners to find meaningful relationships. The things that she asks people to do are quite out of the ordinary and unexpected for them, but their willingness to do them anyway are a testament to how important finding love is to them, and also to how difficult it is becoming to meet a partner.

It is worth noting that people invest a great deal in looking for love, including hours and hours on dating websites, and a great deal financially alongside this. It is common to hear both men and women express frustrations about ‘how difficult it is to meet a partner these days’. It is not surprising then that this is a common request of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui dates from approximately 5000 years BC and here it is, still working just as well for modern men and women. Feng Shui is all about using the power of the environment to bring or attract results to you. Everything in our world is of the Earth and goes back to the Earth, which is why environmental energy is so powerful. Nothing is wholly manmade – all of it in some way, shape or form came from and goes back to the Earth, including us as human beings. This is the case whether we look at it using metaphysics, quantum physics, and the physics of chemical biology or philosophy.

Feng Shui is not at all an airy fairy belief, in fact it’s all about working with your energy, and so it is not just about moving your furniture around, but instead it includes working with the mind too.

Kurly Marwaha is a Feng Shui Master and first came across Feng Shui 23 years ago. She has apprenticed alongside masters and worked with clients to bring results. Kurly gets massive results and recently with a client, she was looking for love after just a 2 hour session her client has now found true love – now the caveat here is that client was fully enrolled and took action in line with recommendations. Contact Kurly if you’d like to find out if she can help you find love in this leap year.