Have you ever noticed how when you tidy and clear a room or space, suddenly even your physical body feels easier – may even feel like you can breathe more easily some how?
So here’s how to take this clearing one step further…
As human beings the most powerful way energy shows up in our experience of daily living is through our emotions. Emotions can feel very strong and all encompassing at times right?!
So have you ever heard of something called ‘Cord Cutting’. It is basically the act of freeing yourself from any ties you have with another person that are unhealthy for you. The key part of this statement is the ‘unhealthy for you’ part. So for example, you could cut cords with your mother….to remove any emotions that are showing up for you in this relationship in a way that is not serving ‘you’.
There was a time not too long ago, until fairly recently actually, when people considered this ‘just’ a spiritual woo-woo thing. However more recently modern science has made huge inroads by measuring the electric field around a person’s heart and been able to establish that we connect to others directly through this electromagnetic field, that as human beings we can recognise the electromagnetic field given off from other people’s hearts. It’s all very fascinating and exciting! So let’s go back to this cord cutting now that we’ve dealt with the fact that there is a scientific basis for it. My friend, read on…
What I would like to reassure you about is when we cord cut it is a healthy spiritual process. It does nothing bad for you to you, and nothing bad for the other person or to that person.
Cord cutting is about finding balance in yourself – that’s all.
It’s about finding the place of centre, your emotional balance and strength.
When you find that place of balance what happens is that you show up in that relationship in a better way for that other person, and you can give and receive in a more fulfilling way. So for example if I suggested you cord cut with your mother the natural question or fear you may have is that you either don’t wish to harm your mother or to break off any of the connection with her right. Well this is not what cord cutting does.
Allow me to explain it metaphorically to you. Imagine there is an invisible emotional cord of connection between you and your mother that is full of love and nurturing – that’s lovely. I agree. Now imagine in that same cord are contained all the emotions from misunderstandings and arguments of the many years past – not so nice. I agree. Well now imagine if that cord was actually real. Can you see how it would always be pulling one both of you and making you both fall out of balance… and that it may even distract you from having a good conversation because of it’s pull.
So you will find may ways in which to do this and I do not wish to discount any methods advocated or taught by others. Remember that energetically speaking if it exists in this world then it has a place and purpose that serves in some way, shape or form. My way of doing this is a very simple process. And it will serve you to do this to bring clarity to all of your interactions with others and strengthen your relationships with others and yourself.
Quite simply, just stand or sit comfortably. Be somewhere without any distractions. Breathe in deep from your diaphragm and really fill your lungs (for about the count of 4). Hold that breathe (for about the count of 7), then breathe out slowly (for about the count of 8) and really empty your lungs. Focus only on your breathe and the movement of your body in breathing. On the ‘in’ breaths imagine you are pulling in the goodness of pure light from above, and on your out breathes intention and feel any and all negativity leaving your body through your feet into the ground.
Now from that space as your body fills more and more with the positive high vibration of love, only then think of the other person. When you think of the other person imagine a cord running from your heart to theirs and when you are ready, and only from a feeling of love, take your hand and imagine you are cutting that cord for the good of both of you. You may want to do this a few times. This is normal.
Whilst this may sound odd to some of you, all I ask is that you be open to trying it. For some people it’s a natural and easy process, but for others it takes a little practice. Remember if you haven’t used a muscle in years then just becoming aware of it is a process in of itself, and that’s even before you begin exercising it. It will be the same with this – it just requires a little patience and persistence.
I hope this is helpful to you and if it is then please share on for others to benefit as well. Remember in sharing we are caring, and in caring we are contributing to a better environment overall, which can only benefit us too in the end.
Finally, if you have any questions or comments please put them on the Facebook comments and I will be happy to respond.
Warmest wishes,
Kurly 🙂