I have had the pleasure to do many talks and workshops for people, and one thing stands out to me about all you wonderful folk that honour Feng Shui when you open up to it.

Feng Shui is a huge and vast subject that essentially deals with energy and how that interacts or affects us. It looks at how to optimise positive energy in your favour and how to balance out anything that isn’t directly serving what you want. When I talk to people about this it is inevitable that they get excited.

Consider how when you are in the presence of someone who is happy and inspired that it is quite infectious – like infectious laughter or diseases. As human beings, we pick up on each others’ energy without even meaning to and way before any words have been spoken, or looks exchanged, this other level of communication is already happening.

So let me return to the main point that I wanted to share with you today. When I share on Feng Shui inevitably people want more and more, and this level of enthusiasm is absolutely wonderful. However, I often find myself asking people to slow down or focus on what I’ve given them, and really implement it. When I do this I sometimes get a disappointed reaction. And then I always explain why we do what we do, and in the way that we do it.

How to Gain Momentum

So this blog is all about how to gain momentum and really get results in your life, so it’s important to slow down and focus on really implementing the basics. It’s all about the power of going step by step, and how if you go step by step before you know it your steps will become leaps and eventually quantum leaps just from the initial little steps and from consistently taking action.

Feng Shui is like any other science in that if you try to run before you walk you will be doing the opposite of improving your situation. So even though I understand how when you come to a workshop you want more information, I ask that you work with what you are given first, then seek more. When I (or whoever is leading your workshop) is giving you information, I am providing you with the first steps which are always most important in building momentum.

Layers Like an Onion

Powerful energy work is done in layers like an onion

Powerful energy work is done in layers like an onion

Think of energy work like layers that are building one on top of the other. For example, you would build a foundation for a house first. The next stage is the walls and structure, then the roof, and finally the décor and details within it – to use a metaphor to explain it. In fact, the power of the step by step approach applies to many areas and functions of life, not just Feng Shui.

The other thing is that in a group situation such as a workshop, information is provided for ‘everyone’ so that all of you can get value from it. In that workshop situation, it is advisable to use it in a gentler way because you are ‘leading your own consultation’, so to speak. A workshop situation would be likened to the example of a general health briefing which would include generic information, whereas if a doctor was doing a consultation directly with you, then that would lead to a very different action plan and level of support because it can be much more specific to that patient. Feng Shui works in the same way. So I ask you to learn the basics, apply them, allow yourself to experience and notice what comes from those implementations, and only then seek to build on your knowledge. It’s far more powerful than rushing to take in more and more information.

That said, do not think that the generic information lacks value – no. Remember that when the wind starts to flow in favour of you, a small change can make a massive impact, and bring great results for you.

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