powerful daily lists

powerful daily lists

Hi Everyone,

Okay massive AHA moment time :-)!

Are you ready to step out of a massively disempowering habit and into a really powerful and lightening one?

So I know someone very close who is super-efficient and organised – in fact known for it and has built their reputation on it. Their path to success has a strong foundation of organisation. This same person is a fan of ‘to do’ lists and has spent a lifetime making them and working from them.

Somehow over the years this person has gone from using these ‘to do’ lists and getting lots done using them – a happy go lucky person, to someone whose ‘to do’ lists leave them feeling like a failure and overwhelmed. How has this happened? Well we examined this and found something really interesting. So interesting that I am rushing to share the huge gem of a distinction with you.

Many people do not know how to make really effective ‘to do’ lists and then to use them in a way that leaves them feeling great about themselves, and as a bonus having delivered on some tasks that they needed to do. Instead what they do is start off the day with really good intentions of achieving lots so they feel great, and hopeful that their whole life will be sorted out in a single day. So what they do is they write a list of ‘everything’ that needs to be done in their life. Does this sound familiar? This ‘to do’ list done in this way can easily be pages and pages long at worst, or at best a whole page with 20 to 40 items on the list – easily right.

Having written this list the same people look at it, feel an instant of ‘oh my god!’ or the less polite version of ‘****!’. But being the positive and hopeful people they are they quickly tell themselves I’ve got a whole day of course I can do this – no problem. And then they get on with it. Then as the day progresses some things take longer, or the phone rings, or someone pops by, and other things take over, or at the very least they run out of time and the list isn’t complete. At this point, there is an overwhelming internal or energetic response that takes over. A response that says ‘here you are again not having achieved and you’re no good, you really are not good enough, or you are just not enough, and finally you really are a failure – or all of the aforementioned’. Can you see how this is just so disempowering?

Well Feng Shui is all about environmental energy. Your body and your thoughts are the internal environment that you occupy. And in human beings energy shows up as emotions. These disempowering statements of being not good enough or a failure (and the rest of the list mentioned before) bring on a very strong emotional reaction in people. When people have a powerful emotional reaction to something, the strength of the power of that emotion has a way of embedding the statement into the subconscious being. So basically it programmes into you over time so that eventually you start to believe that you are a failure or not good enough. Once this is programmed or embedded in, you then have what’s called a very powerful belief system in place. If you already have this secret belief about yourself (because let’s be honest most people do not share that they feel this way, but most people feel this to some degree about themselves), then your subconscious will take it as more evidence that it is true and your belief becomes stronger. So it becomes reinforced.

So now we all feel really bad having read the above and related to it, I would like to invite you to allow me to help you lift yourself out of it. Isn’t it great that there is the possibility of doing this?

Just be open to the idea that it is possible to help shift a major belief system that is not serving you by using a simple tool like ‘to do’ lists.

Just to recap, the unhelpful or disempowering way to use ‘to do’ lists is to make endlessly long ones that just go on and on, and do a new one each day or regularly like this. Just one more thing to add here before we move on to the magic. A tidy home, office or work space will often help a person because it will help influence clarity of thought and action inside that person. Conversely an untidy, messy or disorganised home, office or work space will make confusion worse, overwhelm and anxiety in a person – almost as if one cannot breathe. Try it out and test it – that is my invitation to you 🙂

‘To do’ lists go way back as long as human history does. In more recent years people like Umberto Eco and Benjamin Franklin were huge advocates of them and had lots to say. But this is not a history lesson so we will focus on the how to use them in a really powerful way to raise your energy or put in a better way to raise your vibration. Why do we want to raise your vibration? We want to do this because if we raise your vibration not only will you begin to feel much better but you will also attract better things into your life.

So to use ‘to do’ lists effectively, first of all before you write one, the focus should be not be on the negative or overwhelming feeling of incomplete things, but instead focus yourself on the feeling of completion. From that thought space ask yourself first of all ‘what can I complete today?’.

Write that down. It could be one big task or several smaller ones. Make sure you do not write more than 3 small things or one larger one. If you have a large project you are working on then break that down into a small chunk that you can complete today.

Then write down 3 things that are what I call ‘quick wins’. These are things that will take no longer than 5-10 minutes. The purpose of writing these down is so you can do these first and feel good. When we feel good we achieve more in less time and more importantly we think and perform better. This means that when you’ve completed your 3 quick wins you will be excited and motivated to get on with the other one as you already have ticked off 3 things on your list.

Let’s stop and check in here. You should only have between 4 to 6 things on your list at this point.

In a single day do not put more than 10 items on your daily ‘to do’ list. So to address the gap in numbers here, you will need to add 4 more items on to your ‘to do’ list to get it to 10 items. Now let me tell you that sometimes I stop at the 6 and just leave it there. And this is because I would rather complete my whole ‘to do’ list than never ever complete one.

If however you would like to make it up to 10, then my suggestion is you put a heading after item 6 that says ‘if I feel like it’ or ‘if I get more time’. It is important that you put the heading in this way because it tells your subconscious mind that this part of the list is not compulsory and takes the pressure off feeling bad or guilty.

Once you have this list, the next stage is to take action quickly after creating it. This is where the 3 quick wins are useful. Do these actions immediately or quite soon after writing your list. Test this way of working out for at least 7 days in a row and see how it works. Remember you can always do more if you get time or make a new list if you’ve finished the first one while you still have time left. The important thing is that your ‘to do’ list is there to help and empower you rather than there to be used as a tool to whip yourself with daily. Your ‘to do’ list should help you reach higher and higher, and the only way you will do that is by ‘feeling’ better and better.

Please try it out and let me know how this works for you or if you have anything to add. Remember too that the idea is to keep it simple. If you found this helpful please share onwards and like the Facebook page ‘kurlythefengshuimaster’. It has been my delight and pleasure to share this fabulous insight with you and in my own way I am out to change the world into a better world for us all, one little step at a time.


Warmest wishes,