A Feng Shui Master works with energy – energy is in everything around us that we can see and cannot see. For example energy is in the air that we cannot see (but breathe) and energy is in furniture, plants and human bodies.

Feng Shui is the balancing and optimising of energy across time and physical space, to achieve specific objectives. Buildings and spaces change over time. It is particularly important to build momentum in the starting months when realigning energy in a new project or building.

When referring to ‘physical space’ this means the environment around us both inside buildings and outside including gardens, and our bodies as human beings.

There are many methods of Feng Shui and therefore it is not surprising that even some of the most intelligent people find it all a bit ‘woohoo’ or confusing. Feng Shui systems include:

  • 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood)
  • Yin and Yang
  • Form School
  • Ba Gua
  • 9 Star Ki
  • Ming Gua
  • Flying Star
  • Bazi
  • Qi Men Da Ja
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua
  • And many more……

The important thing to remember is that Feng Shui is about working with energy to achieve your goals. The goals that we can work on are varied and diverse, including but not limited to the examples below:

  • Improving relationships with your children or other family members
  • Finding love or improving love in your existing relationship
  • Increasing income or savings
  • Help with making decisions
  • Help to find solutions to problems or issues in any area of life
  • Losing weight
  • Improving health, or healing health issues
  • Help finding your next house or business premises
  • Setting your children up for academic success & others
  • Balancing energy across your home for inner peace
  • Balancing energy across your business space to increase productivity or improve team morale
  • Setting up properties – for property investors. To increase asset or attract the best tenants

Kurly is skilled at navigating you through all of the above and many more to make your journey easy and fun, and with her unique style you will leave her feeling both empowered and having learned much about how to make Feng Shui work for you.

Contact her now to find out how she can help you towards your goals.