So here’s the million dollar question:
And here’s the short version. It’s beautiful really.
Feng Shui works to change your environment and work with it. The environment means either your home, different types of buildings, an outdoor space, a virtual/digital space, or even your own physical body/mind.
That space then influences change within the people occupying it by affecting them – that’s you ;-). This process is very subtle and will change your vibration or the level at which you operate across your whole life.
And why is that important?
The resulting change inside you will then change your reality over time, how you see the world and how you act. By doing that your results will also change.
Ever heard the age-old wisdom, ‘as is within, is without’.
This means that by looking at your home a Feng Shui Master can see indications of what is really going on inside you. Where you really could do with some help. By changing your environment the Feng Shui Master is bringing you results by influencing positive change within you foremost. But it doesn’t end there….
Equally, by making changes to your environment, your home or office etc, the same Feng Shui Master is tweaking the vibration of your home so that your home or office acts like a magnet attracting other things and people with a similarly high vibration.
Therefore when you seek and receive a Feng Shui Consultation it is important that you implement the recommendations well, and that you also allow time for the changes to occur. Change can take time as can results.
The important thing is that you seek the results, that you believe you deserve them, and most importantly that you allow divine timing to bring in the results. Divine timing simply means the results will come at the right time, not the time that we would like to dictate. Divine timing means and is all about the factors that are unseen by us as human beings but are wholly relevant to the request we have made.
Divine timing is not an excuse nor is it a no. It is about belief and knowing that Feng Shui is about results which will come if you allow them in. The Universe begins rearranging itself in your interests the moment you activate your Feng Shui but you may not see the evidence of that straight away – my advice is to be patient and know that it’s working. It will be worth it, because you are worth it.
People, including myself, can at times be impatient. And this is totally understandable because the things we want in our hearts are dear to us, and a great deal of emotion is invested in them. I often feel this same impatience for my clients because my clients are generous in their level of honesty with me, and I want to help them. I am deeply inspired and humbled by seeing the difference this work makes – that it allows me to help others. At some level all of us seek to contribute to the world and help others – this is the human condition. One of connection.
And ‘connection’ is a whole new topic! 🙂 One for another time, and another blog dear readers. I wish you each a wonderful day wherever you are.
Warmest wishes, Kurly
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