Looking for the perfect relationship?

A growing portion of the population are single and looking for love. The things that people are willing to try and admit to trying are also growing with this. More and more people are now turning to more holistic options when looking for love and Kurly Marwaha is a Feng Shui expert and master who helps people create the outcomes they desire.

Power UP Your Year

Power UP Your Year Feng Shui for 2016 Workshop Weekend Retreat 26(eve)-28th February 2016 West Lexham Manor, Norfolk PE32 2QN, England     Were you glad that 2015 was over? Was it a little challenging last year? Well you will love this Workshop Retreat...

Chinese New Year – What’s the Big Deal?

The Chinese New Year begins on 4th February 2016. It marks the point in time when the energy in our environment changes and shifts powerfully. Just as there is time based information out there to tell us when the sun rises and sets (which we all feel the effect of each day), this particular date shows an equally impactful and big change energetically. So what’s the big deal?