When I met Kurly and decided to try Feng Shui to clear my issue with money flowing easily I was a bit skeptical. I have very strong spiritual beliefs and I am cautious when it comes to what I am willing to believe.  I have to admit for the first time I felt like I was in a safe place with Kurly.  She did not ask me to let go of my beliefs she helped me to embrace them as part of who I am.

The photos of the basket of rocks on the pier of frozen Lake Erie depict the physical task Kurly asked me to do to release my money drains and allow money to flow for me.  I won’t give the details here as I know from experience the task was only for me and would not work for most.  What I can tell you was the results over the next 7 days after I worked with Kurly:

  • I received what I call a “sign of land” in the form of 2 very large checks in the mail ($10,000)
  • I advertised 2 cars for sale and sold them for a nice profit the same day
  • Several of my clients called me to get me to do more paid work
  • A new business adventure took off and has become a wonderful money maker and really satisfies my desire to help others
  • I am at peace
  • I am finding more time with my family and friends
  • I laugh
  • I sleep better
  • I am happy and content

PS I have been “stuck” and had money issues for years, even though I do the work.  I have worked pretty much 7 days a week for many years now and yet I never realized what I consider a gratifying financial gain.  Kurly helped me to release the blocks in one session – she is amazing. No predictions, no judgement, just good sound information and tasks that work.

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Kim Burney

Owner, Attraction Center Publishing

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So here’s the million dollar question:
And here’s the short version. It’s beautiful really.
Feng Shui works to change your environment and work with it. The environment means either your home, different types of buildings, an outdoor space, a virtual/digital space, or even your own physical body/mind.
That space then influences change within the people occupying it by affecting them – that’s you ;-). This process is very subtle and will change your vibration or the level at which you operate across your whole life.
And why is that important?